Tight vs Loose: Prom Dresses

The design of a dress makes all the difference when it comes to how flattering it will look. Different designs suit different bodies and if you want to look your best, choosing a design that flatters your body type is extremely important. Since prom is such an important event in all girls’ lives, it goes without saying that the dress must be flattering.

Bodycon dresses are all the rage, but very few dare to wear them. These type of dresses are definitely not appropriate for casual events since they exude sensuality. Having an hour glass figure is most flattering for this look, but any woman can wear it. If you are concerned about lumps and bumps, wearing a body shaper underneath works wonders. This look is not suited for work or casual events and should be kept for nights out. Blue prom dresses in this style look amazing with satin or silk and sapphire colors, but powder blue can make the look more innocent.

A tunic style dress immediately makes people think of ancient Greece goddesses. This type of dress sits very loosely, but the way it falls over the body can be very flattering. Since the top is loose it can create the illusion of being more curvaceous. Simultaneously, it also hides anything that could be seen as unflattering, like a tummy. The formality of this type of dress depends entirely on the color and material. For example, this style could be manufactured as blue prom dresses if the material was blue chiffon.